Summer 2020

The Men’s Mustang soccer program believes that everyone is a leader. You are either leading positively or you are leading negatively. The choice is up to the young man whether he will lead himself and others towards the cross or away from the cross. At the heart of the leadership development is the United States Marine Corps motto, Ductus Exemplo, which means “leadership by example.” Even those who wish to sit on the fence and not lead, are in fact leading others to follow or not follow their example.

The soccer program has a rich history of success on the field with many conference, district, and regional championships, including multiple state appearances. The program’s expectations are very high not only on the field but also off the field in the development of the athletes entrusted to the program. Athletes can be expected to be pushed off the field just as much as they are on the field in training sessions and in games. Athletes will be expected to uphold in conduct and speech the values of the program: honor, integrity, service, humility and respect.

While we do not always win every game we would like to, each game and training session is an opportunity to grow into a more mature leader and team player-and for this, we make no apologies.