When I think of my time on the LHN soccer team, the word unity immediately comes to my mind. There is no arguing that our team was successful and played soccer the right way. There is definitely no arguing that my time on the team was fun. However, once I graduated from high school, I can say that I came out of LHN a better man and a better individual. Sure, LHN and the Christian values that were instilled in me had a lot to do with it, but I credit Mr. Horvath and the LHN soccer team for shaping me into the man I am today. All of the winning, accolades, and achievements are now thoughts of the past. All that matters is the attributes I can use going forward. The LHN soccer team taught me how to be part of a team, how to look out for your teammates, and how to work together in order to achieve the best possible result. To me, these attributes have helped to shape me into the man I am today. I am a better friend and worker because of the values that were taught to me during my time on the LHN soccer team. Even if the LHN soccer team is not successful on the field in the future, I can promise that you will learn how to be a better individual during your time on the team.

Garrett Monroe, Class of 2015
All State 2nd Team

One team, one fight
The LHN men’s soccer program is unique, successful, and fun. Mr. Horvath is a religion teacher at north. He is also the head coach of the men’s varsity soccer team. He has helped shape this program into a unique one. A program that focuses on sportsmanship and the values on how to be a man. Not just on the field but off it too. He holds all his soccer players to a higher leave of standards off the field. Coach Horvath has made this a successful program too. When I was in eighth grade the LHN varsity team made it to states semis. Once I was on the varsity team my sophomore year playing as the starting goalie we won districts and won it again my senior year. The soccer program is fun too. I still remember certain drills we did that were a lot of fun but helpful and tiring. The one thing I am going to miss most about high school is being on the soccer team.

Ryan Hecker 2018 graduate

LHN soccer was the way that I first met most of my friends in High School. Soccer gave me the stability to not have to worry about having to find friends because I already knew I had friends from soccer. But what I did not expect was to grow so close to the men on my team. The bus rides, trainings, and especially conditionings formed a bond between my teammates and I that will last a lifetime. When I think about LHN soccer and my experience my greatest praise goes towards the conditioning and team building aspect. Conditioning scared me at first when I saw just how brutal it was! But as as the years went on I became more and more accustomed to pushing not only myself physically but also mentally. While I was learning just how capable I was to overcome any obstacle my teammates were doing the same. Through this process of the original conditioning week and the work we do as a team during the season we because closer and closer. There were often times where it almost seemed scary how much of a bond we had and how strong we felt. This program takes soccer seriously, from scouting reports, to off seasons lifting, to books the whole team has to read on different values and everything in between. I really learned how to take everything in my life to another gear I never knew I had. To sum it all up, I learned the value of HARD WORK!

Louis Osowski, 2017, Spring Arbor

When I think of LHN soccer, I think of hard work and brotherhood.  I joined the soccer program as a junior and was in awe of the dedication of each and every player on the team.  For example, during conditioning week something special happens each year.  Coach Horvath infuses competition, by timing each event and awarding and overall champion, in order to push everyone harder.  Instead of selfishly knocking each other down, I saw my teammates motivated their teammates to attack each drill with everything they’ve got.  I was amazed each year as a group of individuals became a cohesive unit of brothers after only one week.  Coach Horvath has developed a culture centered on unity and respect.  Looking back, I joined the program not knowing what to expect, but it was the best decision I have ever made.  I made lifelong friends, learned firsthand the effects of true hard work and determination, and had a whole lot of fun grinding with my brothers.

Kevin Kapanowski, 2017

The Lutheran North soccer program provides an opportunity for young men to grow not only in athletic ability but more importantly in character. Throughout your time in the program, you will be tested physically and mentally. Every mustang will learn to persevere and discover their capabilities individually and more importantly as a group. Honor, humility, integrity and respect are not simply words painted on a bridge but expectations of all men who participate in the program. These are not only expectations of every individual on the field, but off it as well. The Mustang Soccer Program will provide young men values that can be used for the rest of their lives not only in sports but also in their religion, work, relationships and more. Some of these values include perseverance, integrity, comradery, respect and courage. If you’re looking for a challenge and to grow as a man you’ve come to the right place.

Trevor Gajewski, 2017