Every season, those interested in trying out for soccer are highly expected and encouraged to participate in conditioning week. During the week, athletes are awarded points based on their performance in relationship to others.

A week or so later at tryouts, the athletes are tested in ten different soccer specific activities

Those points are combined with the points from conditioning week to determine an overall winner.

While being talented is always a plus, hard work and integrity, working hard no matter if you will make a team or not, is more important. Victory is earned with the shedding of sweat and tears…those who are willing, will be champions.

Here is a list of previous winners of the coveted conditioning/tryout challenge.

2010 Dan Carabell

2011-2012 Season
Jared Wangelin

2012 Jacob Miller and 2013, Back to Back Champion

2014-2015 Season
Steven Whittlesey

2015-2016 Season Kasey Lesnau


2016-2017 Season: Kasey Lesnau


2017-2018 Season: Ronnie Shore

2018-2019 Season: David Mueller

2019-2020 Season: David Mueller

2020-2021 Season: Nate Maceroni

2021-2022 Season: Johnny Link