This page is an informational page meant to help parents navigate the first year soccer at LN. Common questions will be addressed (like, how long is the season? when are games? what’s the practice schedule like? etc)

First, we’ll get to opportunities for incoming players:

1. The first opportunity incoming players will have for soccer will be the elementary camp hosted in June.

2. Then, during the summer, on Tuesdays, incoming and returning players (along with alumni) get together at LHN at 6pm for drop-in soccer. If your son is coming to LHN and expects to tryout for soccer, they are invited to join us Tuesdays during the summer! It’s a great opportunity for incoming players to show their stuff, meet new friends and get acclimated to not only the weather but the school as well.

3. Then….it begins.

-Players who are trying out for soccer are expected to attend conditioning week the week before tryouts begin. More information can be found here for conditioning week.

-After conditioning week is tryouts! This is where we decide which team you will make, varsity or the reserve squad (also known as the “JV” team). More information on tryouts can be found here.  All skill levels are encouraged to tryout, especially as incoming players.

After tryouts, practices begin.

When are practices? Summer practices are usually 9am-12pm, five days a week (with a couple games later in the summer before school starts). Once school begins, the schedule usually has us playing two games a week, leaving three days of practice. A typical week of soccer during the school year looks like this:

Monday:            practice after school from 3:30pm-5pm (maybe 530).
Tuesday:           Game
Wednesday:     back to practice after school!
Thursday:         Game
Friday:               Practice again
Common Questions:
What is needed for practice? Cleats, NOCSAE, age appropriate shin guards, soccer socks, and practices shirts (purchased through Mustang spirit). Information on the practice shirts can be supplied later during tryouts. Usually, the shirts are on sale at the parent meeting the Saturday after tryouts.
Do players dress up for games? On game days, we usually dress up in a shirt and tie. After school, they will change in the locker room. This is standard operating procedure for any sport at LHN. Game day=dress up day.
What is transportation like for away games? Unless it’s a special game during the summer, athletes will leave Lutheran North together as a team on a school provided bus. The bus will also bring the teams back.
What if I want to drive my son home? Great! Just make sure he grabs his stuff off the bus after the game! =)
Am I allowed to drive another player home? No! Not unless a written note has been provided the coach before the season.
When is the season over? The season begins the second week of August and ends in October. The Reserve Squad (JV) will usually finish up the first week of October. Varsity wants the season to be over the first week of November. That’s when the playoffs are over. =)
Isn’t making a team and playing all about politics? No! Thankfully. The coaching staff will do what is best for the team and for the program, regardless of any possible outside influences. Especially for incoming players, the number of individuals trying out influences who is on the Reserve Squad or Varsity Squad.
Are there cuts? “Team decisions” may happen. Typically, a soccer team will keep between 18-22 players. If there are 50 individuals trying out, and both teams are keeping 22 (both high numbers usually), that would mean there would likely be 6 players that didn’t make either team.
Normally, varsity tries to keep 18, but again, depending on the players and the numbers trying out, it could be 20-22.
Likewise, if there are only 42 players trying out, we may try to keep everyone. However, especially at the varsity level, we have to keep a competitive edge and make sure the team is strong. In this scenario, varsity could keep 18, and the reserve squad could have 24 players. Or, both teams could keep only 18.
There are a lot of factors that go into who makes what team, the position the play and their playing time (more so the varsity level for playing time).
Can a freshman make varsity? If the numbers permit and the player can compete for playing time and make an immediate impact in training sessions and games at the varsity level, it is possible. But, it is difficult to accomplish.
My kid plays club soccer/doesn’t play club soccer, does it matter?  Obviously, the more experience a player has, the better off they will be. However, players don’t necessarily have to have experience to play at the high school level, especially on the Reserve Squad (JV team). Whether someone players club soccer or not, has no determining factor on whether they make a team or not. It also has no impact on whether they play or start in a game. Coaches look for players who fill the needs of the team. Some players are bigger, faster, and stronger than other players-club players included. While playing club soccer helps in gaining experience, not playing club soccer is just fine.