OU TEAM CAMP has been cancelled for this summer 2021. 

Individuals who were on the Reserve Squad and the Varsity Squad this past season are invited to join us for camp.

Oakland requires certain forms to be filled out by the parents and returned to the coach.

Required Forms to be filled out and turned in.

Important Notes:

Attending Oakland team camp is a privilege and not a right. Players who misbehave risk the chance of being sent home, without a refund. Lutheran North has maintained a positive reputation over the last eight years, and will continue to do so.

Players who attend Oakland team camp are not to assume they have once again made either the Reserve Squad or the Varsity Squad. Going to the camp is not a guarantee that you’ve made the team the following years.

At the same time, attending camp is an excellent opportunity to bond with our teammates and showcase to the coaches, the team, and yourself your talents and abilities, as well as your attitude.

Depending on the needs of BOTH teams, players that were on the Reserve Squad the previous season will likely again be on the “Second” team for camp, and players who were on the Varsity Squad the previous season will again likely be on the “First” team. Players will be moved up and around depending on the needs of each team.

*Meeting at Hamlin Hall this year, which is #2 on the map.

What to bring?

We will meet at the Oakland Athletic Center at 3:45pm. Bring all of your Mustang practice t-shirts. You are required to wear your grey Mustang shirt to Hamlin Hall.


running shoes;



a fan (it can get really hot in the rooms!)

multiple pairs of boots (flats/cleats);

multiple pair of athletic socks and soccer socks;


toiletries (shampoo, soap, etc.); Please, oh please, shower.


Pedialyte (contains less sugar than Gatorade, players can bring Gatorade if they choose);

healthy snacks;

extra clothes in case it rains, snows, sleets, is very hot or very wet. Be prepared for all conditions!

A program oriented attitude;

Exceptional behavior;

Exceptional character.

Checking out: Sunday morning we’ll wake up for breakfast and head out to a training session, then lunch, then another game. That game will be either around 1pm or 2pm. Checkout is predicated on when our game is. We’ll checkout sometime between 2pm-4pm. Please communicate with your parents and have them arrive early for checkout.