On field during training sessions players can expect to not only improve their technical ability but also their tactical awareness and execution. The Mustang soccer program follows the US soccer program’s training structure of moving through four phases of development during each session

  1. Warm-up (technical and or tactical, dynamic stretching)
  2. Small sided (expand on technical/tactical focus from warm-up)
  3. Extended small side (larger field, more players, focused on tactical focus)
  4. Full and unrestricted scrimmage (play while focusing on the topic/tactic of the day)

Off the field, players are expected to continue to grow not only athletically, but also academically and as a leader. The Mustang soccer program has a reading program designed to develop the young men into more mature and contributing leaders. The goal ultimately is prepare the young men for life on and off the field, in the present and for the future.

For further explanations of each reading assigned to each class, follow the links on the home page ro click below.

Incoming 9th graders who make the Reserve or Varsity squad will read The 17 Essentials to being a Team Player.

Returning 10th graders will read, The Energy Bus

Returning 11th graders will read, How to Influence People

Returning 12h graders will read, The Way of the Seal