Jon Gordon’s The Energy Bus is a must read for returning players. Gordon reminds his readers that while we do not control every aspect of our lives (natural disasters, accidents, etc.) we do control how we respond to every day obstacles. As we grow and mature it’s easy to shift blame and responsibility to other people. Making excuses has become an unhealthy habit and it must be broken. “Do not be upset by the results you did not get by the work you did not do” (unknown). Working hard is important, so is taking responsibility. Even so, we don’t always get what we want, whether it be the best grades or more playing time-others are working hard too!

What we can control is how we respond.

The only concern with Gordon’s book is that he supports the false idea of “The Law of Attraction.” The Law of Attraction basically states that you attract whatever you receive. If you think positive thoughts you will receive positive rewards. If you think negative thoughts then you will attract negativity. It is true that if you continue to shift blame, make excuses, and are always negative you will continue to be more negative than positive. It is how you view the world.

However, The Law of Attraction fails when applied to individuals “thinking about more playing time,” or wanting more money.  Merely thinking about more playing time will not earn you more playing time. Players much earn their playing time by working hard, having a positive attitude, and contributing to the team’s success MORE so than the other players who are also working hard, having a positive attitude and contributing. One can think about having a million dollars but merely thinking about one million dollars will not bring you, $1 million dollars. Thus, The Law of Attraction when put into practice and understood by the secular world today fails when applied to reality.

Again, this doesn’t mean that our thoughts do not matter, because they most certainly do. But thinking that the “universe” aligns itself to give us what we want like a shopping catalog based on our thinking is illogical and empty of truth.

If you choose to continue to be a part of the program, The Energy Bus will be provided to you to read at no cost but the book MUST be returned as the book belongs to the program.