Drawing on Maxwell’s wisdom once again, the incoming juniors will read How to Influence People.¬†It is definitely true that everyone leads one way or the other, positively or negatively. Typically, freshmen are trying to survive and sophomores are glad they aren’t freshmen anymore. The juniors, having been established in the school and on the various teams are being looked up to by the underclassmen. It’s an important responsibility to lead others towards the cross, as futures are being created one day and one choice at a time. As the juniors step into their new roles within the community of LHN and their athletic teams, knowing how to positively influence others for the sake of Christ instead of selfish and secular gain is very important. With power comes great responsibility (Spider-Man and those before him).

If you choose to continue to be a part of the program, How to Influence People will be provided to you to read at no cost but the book MUST be returned as the book belongs to the program.