Having seen what it looks like to be team player (17 Essentials of being a Team Player) who takes responsibility for their actions (The Energy Bus) while leading others positively (How to Influence People), the seniors now have the opportunity to read about mental toughness in The Way of the Seal. Mark Divine walks through various strategies and techniques used within the Navy Seals to build mental toughness. Conditioning week is intentionally strenuous and is meant to push the young men mentally, emotionally, and physically. They are pushed past limits they aren’t sure they can go, and in the process they build relationships with their teammates. This is done to help strengthen the individual and to develop team unity, so that the season can be a success (in multiple areas).

A soccer season compared to the many obstacles of life is relatively easy, conditioning week included.

Outside of the walls of high school are many obstacles the young men don’t even see yet including cancer, sickness, divorce, loss of a loved or a job. The list goes on. Life does not discriminate and can be very tough.  The Way of the Seal is an excellent resource to assist in developing their mental toughness to prepare them for the next season of life.

While all of the other books are donated to the program and must be returned, The Way of the Seal is expected to be purchased by the senior.

The book can be purchased at Amazon for either $15 (hardcover) or $8 (softcover).