Location: At Lutheran North

If you plan on trying out for soccer, attending conditioning week is expected.

If you missed conditioning week, you can still tryout!

Dates for Tryouts: (Times to be determined)
Monday August 9th: 9am-1230pm

Tuesday August 10th: 9am-1230pm

Wednesday August 11th: 9am-1230pm

First day of training sessions: Thursday and Friday. Times to be determined. Likely 9am-12pm again

August 14th at 10am is the 3v3 program wide tournament and parent meeting.

What to bring to tryouts?

  1. Strong work ethic
  2. Positive attitude
  3. Character and a team centered attitude
  4. Cleats and flats (in case it rains, for running on pavement), shin guards, socks, etc.
  5. Hydration

-Freshman are to wear white colored shirts all three days          

-Sophomores are to wear yellow colored shirts all three days    

-Juniors are to wear red colored shirts all three days

-Seniors are to wear grey colored shirts all three days

What will tryouts consist of?

You will play small/large sided games in which your soccer knowledge, understanding, and tactics are tested and evaluated.

You will also be tested and scored in different areas.

Athletes are NOT required to earn specific scores to make any team.

  1. 40 yard dash    (Expected times 4.5-5.5)
  2. 2 Mile run (Expected times: 15 minutes)
  3. Standing Broad jump (Expected jump: 6-10 feet)
  4. Shooting (shooting at 10 targets in 60 seconds)
  5. Passing (10 passes at 10 targets in 60 seconds)
  6. Juggling (Expected score: over 100 in three combined attempts)
  7. Dribbling (Expected time: Under 25 seconds)
  8. Push-ups (Expected score: Over 50 in two minutes)
  9. Sit-ups (Expected score: Over 65 in two minutes)

Athletes are NOT required to earn specific scores to make any team.

These numbers allow us to compare/contrast between athletes, but more importantly to show improvements from one year to the next. Scoring high does not automatically place anyone on any team. Soccer knowledge/IQ/ability obviously plays a significant role in determining what, if any team will be made. 

*Politics plays no role in which team you play on, what position you play, or how much you play on either squad. The coaches will do what they think is best for the program-independent of outside influence.

T-Shirts/Socks: athletes making a team will be responsible for purchasing their own socks. T-shirts should be available this weekend if making a team. Shirts are between $48-$50 and are required for practices. 

Socks are usually $13 or $14.